The Strange Doors are a Doors tribute band that has been thrilling Doors fans up and down the country for five years. The band has been featured in NME magazine who said they looked at sounded so much like the real thing that they thought it was the real Jim Morrison & co on stage! 2013 saw them play their first headline slot at Festwich, the UK's biggest free tribute festival, and they also performed some dates in France to celebrate Jim Morrison's 70th birthday.


The Strange Doors don't just replicate the studio versions of Doors classics; they actually recreate the live Doors experience. Here you will find ad-libbed poetry, a singer that jumps into the air and writhes on the floor (whilst conjuring the Lizard King with his rich baritone voice), jazzy organ solos, bluesy slide guitar and powerful, yet subtle drumming that punctuates the music and vocals. Like a gig by the real Doors, seeing the Strange Doors live has an air of unpredictability... audiences are kept guessing what to expect next. The atmosphere is charged with the darkness and feeling of menace that only Doors music can provide.

The Strange Doors will take you on a journey into the severed garden... fires will be lit and lizards will be celebrated!


Experience the music of The Doors played live and accurately for your entertainment. With The Strange Doors audiences aren't just getting a Doors tribute band; they are getting the Ultimate Doors experience. Including an amazing projection show during the performance, great costumes and authentic instruments (Gibson G101 organ, Fender Rhodes Piano Bass and Gibson SG Standard Guitar), Doors fans can relive the psychedelic sixties in style and step back in time with a Doors Tribute band that looks as good as it sounds.  

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